About ashley

Ashley Coates is a lover and singer of timeless music. Her connection to jazz standards, the Great American Songbook, and classic musicals started when she was very young, and has only grown stronger over time. An accomplished musical theatre actress, Ashley has expanded into the world of live jazz and cabaret as a vocalist. She performs regularly with renowned Portland musicians Ron Steen, Tom Grant, Vince Frates, Ed Bennett, and Perry Thoorsell at favorite live music venues such as Wilf’s and Clyde’s. Other venues of her past performances include Portland’s The Slide Inn, Tommy O’s in Vancouver, Washington, and Tula’s in Seattle.

“One of my favorite things about singing these timeless songs is that I get to help set the ambiance. I get to be part of a special experience that can only be created with live music.”

– Ashley, aka, Professional Ambiance Setter



There is nothing quite like live music to elevate your patron’s experience from “just another night out” to “What a fun night—let’s go back again soon.” Fill out the form below and we can find a way to create the perfect ambiance for your venue or next event!

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“You supply the mood lighting and a power outlet, I’ll supply the musicians and a set list sure to make your patrons say ‘I love this song’ and order another round.”  

– Ashley, aka, Mood Maker Extraordinaire